YardSignGPS – Local classifieds, event, service, and garage sale finder

YardSignGPS is the first mobile classifieds finder that allows you to map out your neighborhood’s extant yard signs, posters, flyers, bulletin boards, and other physical markers of temporary events, services, sales, and grassroots causes, in real-time.

For those who want to search: No need to endlessly trawl the Internet or to drive around hunting for that honest second generation roofer or mason with barely any digital presence, that hard-to-find garage or bake sale, that grassroots municipal referendum, that weekend meditation class by the river, that impromptu outdoor concert or farmers market, or that walkathon for your favorite charity. With YardSignGPS, we make such invaluable word-of-mouth information conveniently searchable: simply tap on a yard sign icon, and you’ll be instantly directed to a current photo of a local event, service, sale, or grassroots cause.

For those who want to be found: No need to spend time and money on complex websites that few will see, fragmented social networks that generate no leads and violate your privacy, tiny advertising spots in print newspapers that no one reads, and paid search engine keyword algorithms that you probably do not understand. With YardSignGPS, the interface is much simpler and more transparent: take a picture of your public announcement (yard sign, poster, flyer, etc.), stake it on the map, and then let people contact you directly.


iphone, iOS, GPS