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    Eric Snyder

    Architect At Chariot Solutions

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    Mike Ball

    Web Developer & Designer. Favorite cake: classic chocolate.

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    jordan santell

    web & game developer, javascript javascript javascript

  • Stoddart

    Daniel Nathan Stoddart

    Pythonista familiar with a wide range of pop culture references, xkcds, and robots.

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    Reed Lauber

    web developer. thinking about javascript, css, usable interfaces, beer, music, philly. organizing @phillyjs

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    Linus Graybill


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    Gabriel Farrell

    Systems Librarian

  • Jennifer-rubinovitz

    Jennifer Rubinovitz

    Programmer, entrepreneur, AI and new media lover

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    Trevor Menagh

    JavaScript Developer, Ruby on Rails Hacker, UNIX Addict, Mac User, Software Craftsmanship Devotee, Functional Programmer, Go Player, Choir Singer, Swing Dancer. Favorite cake: Applesause.

  • Me_mascots

    Catherine Farman

    Web developer & designer, tweet me at @cfarm

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    Goutham G Nadendla

    Programming , Rails , Javascript , Startups

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    Keith Fitzgerald

    cto @peoplelinx. aspiring triathlete. favorite color is plaid. still a sucker for loud rock-n-roll.

  • Thomas

    Thomas Fuchs

    Freckle Time Tracking: :: Webkit Mobile JS :: Micro JS

  • Me

    Brian Sloane

    Product Manager, Web Developer, Technophile, photographer, traveler.

  • Bradoyler

    Brad Oyler

    Lead Developer for @NBCNews

  • Mark-headd

    Mark Headd

    Happiness is a warm dataset. I hack civic apps and direct government transparency and open data initiatives for the City of Philadelphia.

  • Brian_pic2

    Brian Glusman

    Entrepreneur, Rubyist, Fast-talker. Not as good at being social (media or otherwise) as he might prefer, but getting better most days!

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    Kevin Clough

    Kevin Clough has a passion for technology and has worked with multiple start ups and enterprise businesses in the greater Philadelphia area. He has worked in the areas of eCommerce, mobile development, desktop development, cloud computing, automated trading, financial modeling and reporting. Kevin believes that a well thought out user experience is the most paramount feature of any software solution.

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    Ed Hertzog

    UI Architect (Mobile/Web). Married, one daughter, two cats. Into fishing, vinyl records, history.

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    David Thompson

    Technology Recruiting Urban Outfitters

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    Tessa Dill

    Talent Acquisition at Urban Outfitters