PhilaMade was founded on a principle of celebration, an attitude of positivity and a mission of inspiration. We think there should be more it. Nothing kills the potential for great work faster than the thought that it can’t be done.

Philadelphia is our home.

And we’re proud of it. We love this city. And we want to show everyone, including ourselves, that Philadelphia can stand toe-to-toe with any other city out there when it comes to creativity and brilliance.

But it’s not enough just to celebrate.

Because as solid as Philadelphia’s work is, we think it can be better. We need to push ourselves. We need to keep reaching. Great work isn’t easy and there are plenty of forces in the world that want it stopped. But we can’t give in. And we thought, you know what might help? Creating a group that understands how tough it is to fight that battle, and to celebrate the victories won. Screw misery. Greatness loves company, too.

We’re here to support the city.

We’re here to inspire people. And we’re here to drink (on happy hour nights). There’s kick-ass work to be made. Let’s get to it.

Meeting Info

You can see where we're going to be (and where we've been) here:


  • Profile-small

    Keith Fitzgerald

    cto @peoplelinx. aspiring triathlete. favorite color is plaid. still a sucker for loud rock-n-roll.

  • Med-icon

    Michael Estok

    I’m a UX and visual designer who focuses on making sure people and computers play nice with each other. I also love working on identity design and bridging the gap between visual elegance and data delivery that is at the heart of great experiences on the web.

  • Raccoon

    dana vachon

    I love living and working in Philadelphia!

  • Avatar13

    Andy O'Dore

    Design @Curalate. Triathlete-ish.

  • Grrrando

    Aaron Grando

    Lord of Internet at Red Tettemer + Partners. Co-founder and Designer at What Say Co. Ass-kicker. Everyone ♥er.

  • P4pb6555505

    Gerry Creighton

    Web & Flash Designer/Developer at Disc Makers Inc. and night owl at The Spike Ranch.

  • Lori-linkedin

    Lori Widelitz-Cavallucci

    Indie UX Designer, joie de vivre, observer of people, wife, mom, vff runner, yogini, vegetarian

  • Default

    Jamie Blomquist

    part-time luddite dabbling in digital, lending my left brain to seer interactive.

  • Me_mascots

    Catherine Farman

    Web developer & designer, tweet me at @cfarm

  • Profile

    jordan santell

    web & game developer, javascript javascript javascript

  • 0911mikey-5149web_square

    Michaelangelo (Mikey) Ilagan

    Interactive designer. Blogger for Geekadelphia and CBS Philly. Loves food, cars, photography and the web. Problem starter/solver.

  • Tim-avatar-circle

    Tim Quirino

    Interactive Designer @ P'unk Ave, Co-Founder of @Geekadelphia, Principal of @BigRedTank. Let's be friends.

  • 2600_controller

    Sean Jordan

    A web professional, film and narrative nut, futurist, german car greasemonkey, gamer, etc.

  • Twitter-avatar

    Brian Crumley

    UX designer and developer with Allied Pixel. Lover of all things web standards, usability, Apple and sushi. Butcher of the English language and hater of IE6.

  • Image

    Debra Levin Gelman

    User Experience Manager at Comcast Interactive Media; designer of digital experiences for kids.

  • 8b16ebc056e613024c057be590b542eb?d=retro&f=y&s=48

    Brianna Roberts

  • 3435c378bb76d4357324dd7e69f3cd18?d=retro&f=y&s=48

    Christina Mullen

    Creative Director/Writer with 18 years in the advertising and marketing biz. Worked in Philly, then Chicago, then Tampa Bay, now back in Philly. Both big and boutique agency experience.

  • Seanmartoranaportrait4150pxw

    Sean Martorana

    Visual artist. Designer by trade, artist by nature, painter by passion, collaborator by desire, creative by DNA. Live to Create. Create to Inspire.

  • Screen%20shot%202011-08-23%20at%209.04.08%20pm

    Steph Parker

    I'm a total social media (and video game) nerd working for Neiman (@weareneiman) here in Center City, where I do a little community management, social data analysis, and social strategy. I'm also honored to be recognized by Forbes as one of their picks for 30 Under 30 in Marketing/Advertising in 2013.

  • Taj%20mahal-12

    Kara LaFleur

    Hello! My name is Kara and I’ve worked in Philadelphia’s Arts, Culture, and Social Change communities for nearly 10 years as an active member of the region’s growing tech movement. I believe strongly in the power and strength of people coming together for the greater good and continue to learn and grow through collaborations focused on community generated change.

  • Icon2

    Kimberly Blessing

    Web Developer and Standards Evangelist

  • 0_vtozjcl3w-h-ymn3bls6jhrhwcrjyek3croej3tgn-fdt2ptjnvjptzp5mugj75dnlhi-q0sczky

    Ed Hertzog

    UI Architect (Mobile/Web). Married, one daughter, two cats. Into fishing, vinyl records, history.