N3rd Street

A group of people that work on or near North 3rd Street in Philadelphia.


  • Dscf1149

    Alex Hillman

    Placemaker. Peoplewatcher. Honest. Fearless Leader @IndyHall. JFDI Master. also:

  • Amy-silly

    Amy Hoy

    Interface radical. Small-time pirate queen. Leader of Slash7, designer of Freckle and Charm; ruthlessly sane teacher of entrepreneurship. Lover of adjectives. Repatriating from Vienna, Austria.

  • Thomas

    Thomas Fuchs

    Freckle Time Tracking: :: Webkit Mobile JS :: Micro JS

  • 69384_10150281586760251_7145406_n

    Dave Martorana

    Co-owner of the amazingly-cool game studio Flyclops, I spend most of my time worrying about the server architecture, API engineering and development, and where requested, lending a hand with app development.

  • Frank%20roche%20at%20logan%20fountain%20after%205k

    Frank Roche

    Partner at IFRACTAL. We make work better.

  • Howie

    Howie Ross

    web developer, bike rider, beer brewer, vegetable grower

  • Seanmartoranaportrait4150pxw

    Sean Martorana

    Visual artist. Designer by trade, artist by nature, painter by passion, collaborator by desire, creative by DNA. Live to Create. Create to Inspire.

  • Ryon

    Ryon Coleman

    Devnuts inhabitant. Code monkey and beloved pedant at Jarvus.

  • Tn_p1240822

    Henry Paradiz

    Co-Founder of; Team Leader at Devnuts; Lead Developer at; Main Contributor to (' PHP MVC Framework)

  • Eye_see_all

    Chris Alfano

    Co-founder @ Devnuts; CTO @; SysAdmin @ Science Leadership Academy

  • Jason-garber

    Jason Garber

    Freelance Ruby on Rails developer.

  • Taj%20mahal-12

    Kara LaFleur

    Hello! My name is Kara and I’ve worked in Philadelphia’s Arts, Culture, and Social Change communities for nearly 10 years as an active member of the region’s growing tech movement. I believe strongly in the power and strength of people coming together for the greater good and continue to learn and grow through collaborations focused on community generated change.

  • Studi-avatar

    Johnny Bilotta

    Kissing bandit

  • Gravatar-headshot

    Natalie Nagele

    Working with the best team at @wildbit, raising a beautiful princess, and restoring an old Philadelphia home!

  • Profile

    jordan santell

    web & game developer, javascript javascript javascript

  • 59202_543794112211_213000846_32118418_2422732_n

    John Fazio

    Cofounder @ Devnuts; CEO @ Innovations; Catalyst @ Emergence

  • 33615_697548250656_10509007_38656521_7836017_n

    Matt Monihan

    I make software, by any means necessary.

  • Photo%20(4)

    Dana Chaby

    Sport fishing enthusiast, Software support goddess in training @wildbit, Aspiring computer geek, Fitness fanatic, Lover of fine wine (or not so fine) and Girl next door.

  • 2005070160

    Mac Morgan

    Principal, DmgCtrl Ltd.

  • My_pic

    brian nagele

    President and founder of

  • Appren%20headshot

    Kevin Clough

    Kevin Clough has a passion for technology and has worked with multiple start ups and enterprise businesses in the greater Philadelphia area. He has worked in the areas of eCommerce, mobile development, desktop development, cloud computing, automated trading, financial modeling and reporting. Kevin believes that a well thought out user experience is the most paramount feature of any software solution.

  • Icon2

    Kimberly Blessing

    Web Developer and Standards Evangelist

  • _mg_4680

    Melissa Alam

    Social Media Specialist with a love for all things digital. I also enjoy playing soccer, hanging out with fellow creatives, learning new languages, and losing hours at a time on Pinterest. :)

  • Chrisendyphoto-squareavatar

    Christopher D. Cera

    CTO at Arcweb

  • 016

    Dan Donahue

    .NET developer by day, Ruby enthusiast by night. Hockey fanatic, vegan bicycle rider.

  • Stanford

    Mike Sun

    Senior engineer for iDoneThis. Past work developing banking apps. Former life as a systems researcher.

  • Placido2-sq

    Mark Jason Dominus

    I am a programmer who likes to transport techniques between groups of programmers who don't talk to each other. I wrote a book, "Higher-Order Perl", in which I explained techniques from the Lisp and functional programming communities to Perl programmers.

  • 0_zgfi5ivz5uegi2szvmaz58fnl7y7_wgzvyrn5t5wvdexydevqu0fi3abicokhmyjmydze6cesbmz?1359470956

    Tracy Sidoriak

    Contract Recruiter at Artisan Mobile, Inc.

  • Headshot

    David Stemmer

    ► Three years professional experience in mobile development ► Experience on multiple platforms, including Android, iOS/Cocoa, mobile web ► Skilled programmer with a strong background in object-oriented languages. Strengths in Java, Obj-C, Python and Javascript. ► Well-versed in team-based collaborative coding techniques (source control, agile methodologies, unit testing, code review) Writes well-oiled software with an emphasis on readability, modularity and testing. Contributor to and believer in open-source. Empasizes clear communication and practical solutions to hard problems.

  • 607807?1399873690

    Victor Lourng

  • Profile_pic

    Bonnie Aumann

    Firespinning, Agile project managing, card-carrying geek.

  • Me

    Mike Sickler

    Founder of Retail Intel, moving from South Jersey to Philly in December.

  • Io2jbkoz

    Ernesto Tagwerker

    Maker of things. Fixer of stuff. Both digital and physical. I'm a Father, Husband, Software Engineer, Founder, Open Source Contributor, Ping Pong and Soccer Player