Hive76 is Philadelphia's premiere hackerspace. We are a group of hackers, DIYers, and Makers that tear things apart and put them together in new ways.

Meeting Info

We have open houses every Wednesday night and most Saturday afternoons.


  • Chris_via_elkinssq

    Chris Thompson

    digital artist and thinker

  • Stoddart

    Daniel Nathan Stoddart

    Pythonista familiar with a wide range of pop culture references, xkcds, and robots.

  • Wondergy

    Ken Fink

    Founder and owner of Wondergy Science.

  • 0_fjdmjjxvqbtxgq3tfswajychnanoalatsvjajy5vwqcvat63_rjcpoaqsx9zsgrsaoik-jcxq5ss?1311876237

    Joseph Dickinson

    Senior at Drexel, looking to network and meet driven and passionate entrepreneurs. In addition keeping my eye out for potential business partners. Read more about me: