1339 Chestnut Street Suite 1500 Philadelphia PA, 19107

At RJMetrics, we inspire and empower data-driven people with powerful hosted software. Hundreds of high-growth e-commerce and software as a service businesses use our analytics platform to collaborate and make smarter decisions using data.

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  • Bill1

    Bill Piel

    Programmer, mostly web stuff. I like data. Live near Italian market = can get veggies cheap. Work @rjmetrics

  • 6211_589544810555_24408236_34577289_5557426_n

    Marc Weil

    Moved to Philly in May 2010 to work at Oracle. Has since left and is currently a software engineer at RJMetrics until DreamIt Fall kicks off. When that happens, the hat switches full time to co-founder of CloudMine. Many years of iOS and Ruby on Rails development experience with some J2EE thrown in there. Very interested in Scala, JRuby, and other alternative JVM languages as well as API design.

  • 33615_697548250656_10509007_38656521_7836017_n

    Matt Monihan

    I make software, by any means necessary.

  • Ben

    Ben Garvey

    Chart Junkie at

  • 0f9d307

    Maya Zito

    Account Manager | Admirer of all things vintage & pinup | Loves anything that sparkles/shines | Cat mom

  • Me

    Brian Sloane

    Product Manager, Web Developer, Technophile, photographer, traveler.