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CommandSim is a leading developer of simulation software and instructional services for training around decision-making (ICS, command, strategy, tactics and communication) and equipment usage in Public Safety (Fire, Law Enforcement, Emergency Management), Industrial Safety, and other mission-critical industries.

In 2012, CommandSim introduced the world's first mobile app and desktop program, called SimsUshare (, for rapidly creating simulations to help emergency service instructors and students create and practice on 'what if's using photos of possible incidents in the response area. To see examples of how SimsUshare can be used, please visit our Facebook page at

CommandSim is a division of Equipment Simulations LLC. Equipment Simulations LLC develops product simulations and tools for marketing, training, performance evaluation, and emergency planning, especially in B2B markets and Public and Industrial Safety. All e-Learning vendors today claim to build simulations, but we literally wrote the book on the subject -- see

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    Jonathan Kaye

    Expert in simulation training for Fire & Safety markets. Advanced technology learning systems strategist with 15 years of technical and business experience, particularly in developing product marketing, training and performance certification using equipment simulations. Three of my web sites: Specialties: My expertise is in delivering product simulation marketing and simulation-based training with measurable performance impact, particularly in the areas involved with device, product, or equipment skills. Since 2004, I have focused on simulation software ( & to help responder organizations train, for Public Safety, Industrial Safety, and Homeland Security. In 2009, we won the Adobe MAX award for best public sector application. In 2012, we introduced the world's first mobile app (and desktop version) -- called SimsUshare ( -- for rapidly creating training simulations in the Fire and Emergency Services industry.