Geoff DiMasi

Philadelphia, PA

Still excited (about P'unk Ave, Apostrophe, Indy Hall, my family and life in general).


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    P'unk Avenue

    We are eleven designers and developers with a passion for making things simple. Our designs are clear and our tools are intuitive. We create intuitive websites and applications that never require training sessions or instruction manuals. We realize that creating content is difficult—managing it shouldn't be. That's why we built the Apostrophe CMS.


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    Indy Hall

    Independents Hall is a coworking space and community in Philadelphia. We are designers, developers, writers, artists, entrepreneurs, scientists, educators, small business owners, telecommuters, marketers, videographers, game developers, and more. The common thread is this: we all know that we're happier and more productive together than alone.


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    Apostrophe: Open Source CMS

    Apostrophe is a content management system designed for maximum flexibility with a minimal learning curve. The interface is simple and just makes sense. Edit all of your text, images, videos, and social widgets in context directly on the page. Apostrophe makes your life easier.

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    Apostrophe: The easiest way to make a website

    A website builder and host for people that want an easy-to-use tool that is also feature rich. It is the easy way to use Apostrophe without having to install the open source plugin.