SimsUshare is the world's first rapid sim-builder app for mobile devices and traditional computers to help instructors and their students make simulations that enhance Fire and safety training.

SimsUshare is designed to help you give your trainees a realistic picture of potential situations in your area to have them practice what they would say and do. It provides an easy way to:

• Rapidly create ‘what if’ situations in your first due
• Enhance skills for recognition-primed decision making, smoke reading, and situational awareness
• Develop scenarios in the field or at your office and use them virtually anywhere
• Share scenarios among your colleagues and friends
• Apply meaningful views of your district for table-top exercises and hands-on promotional exams
• Take and share snapshots of training scenarios to enhance after-action reports and other presentations.

The subject can revolve around virtually anything you can photograph. Because it is so affordable, you can promote a culture of safety and preparedness by acquiring it for everyone in your organization!


iOS, Android, Adobe AIR, Adobe Flash


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    Jonathan Kaye

    Expert in simulation training for Fire & Safety markets. Advanced technology learning systems strategist with 15 years of technical and business experience, particularly in developing product marketing, training and performance certification using equipment simulations. Three of my web sites: Specialties: My expertise is in delivering product simulation marketing and simulation-based training with measurable performance impact, particularly in the areas involved with device, product, or equipment skills. Since 2004, I have focused on simulation software ( & to help responder organizations train, for Public Safety, Industrial Safety, and Homeland Security. In 2009, we won the Adobe MAX award for best public sector application. In 2012, we introduced the world's first mobile app (and desktop version) -- called SimsUshare ( -- for rapidly creating training simulations in the Fire and Emergency Services industry.