Philadelphia2035, is the comprehensive physical development plan for the City of Philadelphia for the next 25 years. The purpose of the comprehensive plan is to make planning and zoning more predictable in the city and positively affect : neighborhoods, the economy, land management, transportation, utilities, open space, environmental resources, historic preservation, and urban design. Philadelphia2035 is a vision built upon Philadelphia’s three key strengths: a strong metropolitan center, diverse and authentic neighborhoods, and industrial legacy areas with incredible potential for renewal and transformation. Philadelphia2035 has two phases: 1) preparation of a Citywide Vision of measurable objectives and strategies [completed June 2011], and 2) preparation of 18-District Plans in which citywide strategies are applied and land use recommendations are made to inform zoning map revisions. The District Planning process began in June 2011 and will continue to 2015. To read the Citywide Vision and participate in the District Planning process, go to