Tim Quirino

Philadelphia, PA

Interactive Designer @ P'unk Ave, Co-Founder of @Geekadelphia, Principal of @BigRedTank. Let's be friends.


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    P'unk Avenue

    We are eleven designers and developers with a passion for making things simple. Our designs are clear and our tools are intuitive. We create intuitive websites and applications that never require training sessions or instruction manuals. We realize that creating content is difficult—managing it shouldn't be. That's why we built the Apostrophe CMS.


  • Philamade


    PhilaMade was founded on a principle of celebration, an attitude of positivity and a mission of inspiration. We think there should be more it. Nothing kills the potential for great work faster than the thought that it can’t be done. Philadelphia is our home. And we’re proud of it. We love this city. And we want to show everyone, incl...