Melissa Alam


Social Media Specialist with a love for all things digital. I also enjoy playing soccer, hanging out with fellow creatives, learning new languages, and losing hours at a time on Pinterest. :)


Wordpress, css


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    Geekz and Suits

    Kings Oak is proud to be the new home of Geekz and Suits, Philly’s new monthly tech meet up. The Geekz and Suits mission: To bring together local tech gurus, visionaries, and entrepreneurs for conversation, networking, and relationship building. Geekz and Suits, partnered with Kings Oak, will provide a fun, relaxed environment catered to prom...

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    N3rd Street

    A group of people that work on or near North 3rd Street in Philadelphia.

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    By encouraging women to participate in science and technology today, as well as providing a solid foundation of peers, mentors, and positive role models, we hope to spark innovation, exhilaration, and motivation in young women to become tomorrow’s tech leaders.

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    Girl Geek Dinners Philadelphia

    Girl Geek Dinners Philadelphia’s (GGD PHL) primary goal is to bring women from various technical fields together for socializing, networking, and learning. It also sees itself as providing a place to encourage women who may be considering technical interests. GGD PHL welcomes its sisters from creative and new media disciplines as well and aim...

  • Lotus

    Unconventional networking for unconventional women; DinnerGrrls know that career nirvana is an inside job but that inside jobs are sometimes team sports. We connect interesting women over dinner to complete mini-volunteer projects uniquely designed to help us each (1) Know ourselves better (2) Understand what we love (3) Figure out how t...

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    Web Start Women

    Web Start Women is a group of girl geeks who are learning to program for the web so we can make awesome stuff online. We welcome women (and girls) of all ages and encourage them to build tech skills that will empower them to tackle web-based endeavors.

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    Social Media Club Philadelphia

    Welcome to Social Media Club Philadelphia, where innovators in Pennsylvania meet for monthly education and networking events to share, engage and collaborate with the community on the issues of social media and technology. We launched in March 2007 and on average 50 people come to our events, with our Facebook page connecting nearly 300 individu...

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    Philadelphia WordPress Meetup Group

    The Philadelphia WordPress Meetup Group is a group of WordPress enthusiasts in and around the Philadelphia area. We love working with WordPress in a variety of different ways. Join us and learn about WordPress and all it has to offer!