David Ridilla

Springfield PA, Work in Center City Philadelphia

Since 2007 I've been working as a professional Web/Graphic designer, doing work for companies trying to create a new brand online, small companies looking to finally get online, or creating ads for multi-million dollar industries looking to increase sales.

My skill-set is tailored for logo design, display ad design, landing page design, E-mail design, various print design, analyzing conversion funnels, creating ads and pages that know how to get the visitor to follow the paths visually that we want them to, developing a front-facing information website with lead capturing abilities, theme-ing WordPress, and back-end administration UI design.

While I can certainly make very attractive designs, I tend to focus more on handling information, editing what content to include what isn't important, and being able to analyze something from the point of the audience, to determine if conversion/capture is likely.

You can view me work on my website, .

I live in Springfield PA, just a handful of miles outside of Philadelphia PA, where I work in the city as a full-time Designer. When not doing that I try to keep my Welsh Corgi Taziki's website update: .