Alex Hillman


Placemaker. Peoplewatcher. Honest. Fearless Leader @IndyHall. JFDI Master. also:


  • Wildbit%20%e2%80%93%20we%20create%20web%20products%20to%20help%20business%20collaborate%20and%20communicate%20more%20effectively


    We create web products to help business collaborate and communicate more effectively. We've built Beanstalk, Postmark, and Newsberry.


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    Indy Hall

    Independents Hall is a coworking space and community in Philadelphia. We are designers, developers, writers, artists, entrepreneurs, scientists, educators, small business owners, telecommuters, marketers, videographers, game developers, and more. The common thread is this: we all know that we're happier and more productive together than alone.

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    Indy Hall K'House

    Indy Hall & Postgreen Homes are building an awesome & sustainable collaborative place to live in Kensington.

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    N3rd Street

    A group of people that work on or near North 3rd Street in Philadelphia.

  • Www.openaccessphilly


    OpenAccessPhilly is a group of Philadelphians working at the intersection of technology, innovation, and civic participation that launched in August 2011. Membership is diverse, with people coming from large and small companies, non-profits, grant making foundations, City government and from outside Philadelphia. Follow us on Twitter http://t...


  • Iphone


    Whether you have a single Gmail or Google Apps for your Domain account, or several, Mailroom makes your email experience on your iPhone incredible.

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    The easiest way to use version control, collaborate and review code & designs, and deploy code to your servers. A Wildbit Product.

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    Postmark enables web applications of any size to deliver and track <strong>transactional</strong> email reliably, with minimal setup time and zero maintenance. We're the experts at getting your emails to the inbox, so you don't have to be.

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    It's a t-shirt printing API. It's coming out soon.