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Philly Startup Leaders is the largest and most active community of startup entrepreneurs in the Philadelphia region.


  • Michael_jackson

    Toby DiPasquale

    So many startups, its hard to count. I'm your founding tech guy. Founded Philly Lambda and frequenter of breakfasts involving geekery.

  • Nicole3

    Nicole Valentine

    VP of Prod/Dev - a NYC based company with a small Philly presence. Spent years being the CTO for start-ups who didn't yet have a tech lead. I love the start-up life.

  • Tom_300x300

    Tom Panzarella

    Applied Computer Scientist and Entrepreneur

  • Avatar

    Kotaro Fujita

    iOS Developer / 2D & 3D Digital Artist / Web Developer / Co-founder of Jobmuncher

  • Dscn0215

    Yuriy Porytko

    Professionally Paying Attention............ Emerging Enterprise Venture Collaboration VC/StartUp Technology Stuff in Liberty City Philadelphia PA USA Leto Investments LLC Microsoft BizSpark Philadelphia Startup Weekend organizer Philadelphia Startup Digest curator UArts Corzo Creates! Incubator and Business Plan Competitions Philadelphia StartUp Leaders Mentor Advisor @yuriy_p

  • Glo_7_-_headshot

    Gloria Bell

    People Connector, Social Media Enthusiast & Educator, Life Lover, Friend, Hugger, Organizer, Philly StartUp Leader

  • Sinelnikov_1389235463_07

    Denis Sinelnikov

    Online Marketing Consultant / Web Designer

  • Cliff_profile

    Cliff Stevens

    Founder/President of Lokadot, LLC -

  • Mps_head1

    Mark Spangler

  • Stoddart

    Daniel Nathan Stoddart

    Pythonista familiar with a wide range of pop culture references, xkcds, and robots.

  • Jennifer-rubinovitz

    Jennifer Rubinovitz

    Programmer, entrepreneur, AI and new media lover

  • Chrisendyphoto-squareavatar

    Christopher D. Cera

    CTO at Arcweb

  • 0_oyjmbn59egnycezpyypobqhchcimcujpymd6bqbfcbcyghaytzdvjn1d62_l3w4r0g0bzpvwltp0?1310358895

    Justin Turner

    Partner at Brownstone Apartments

  • 6211_589544810555_24408236_34577289_5557426_n

    Marc Weil

    Moved to Philly in May 2010 to work at Oracle. Has since left and is currently a software engineer at RJMetrics until DreamIt Fall kicks off. When that happens, the hat switches full time to co-founder of CloudMine. Many years of iOS and Ruby on Rails development experience with some J2EE thrown in there. Very interested in Scala, JRuby, and other alternative JVM languages as well as API design.

  • 0_2weefgwkxavi5ddbu2vcf0okkdrbwejbmuycf0vjuhxbnaoc8szkwxmce_kzospudeenhzexpgx8

    Geoffrey Weber

    entrepreneur/lawyer/husband/dad, not necessarily in that order

  • 0_t8jl9rjpq66qzd0x_fus9mylxb_4cumxigds9mu3rcbhhhm0dqddzj4fodifnw7p8_0rjooosus3?1310381507

    Brendan McCorkle

    I am very interested in Entrepreneurship. Currently working on my fourth start-up after the learning experience of the first three (Fourth Power Solutions, Textaurant, & Free Beer Co.) Recent graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Graduate program of Technology Management.

  • New-perspective_edited

    Oliver Picher

    Idea guy - creative B2B marketing consultant, content writer, freelancer

  • Me

    Brian Sloane

    Product Manager, Web Developer, Technophile, photographer, traveler.

  • Mgtbiosonn

    David Sonn

    President & Founder at Arc Intermedia

  • 0_opqte1qa1iiao9dkykvyelca1hcmyvukyntoelfo2diy_auxtvnsxaprjqbl0tse0kkx59zvtjkx?1310394185

    Eric Pancoast

    Founder GammaBasics & Mimeya Technology / Software Engineer / R&D

  • Mar-140conf-cropped

    Marilyn Moran

    SEO & Social Media Marketer. Blogger. DJ. Nightclub Promoter. Stuck in the 80s. Foodie @phillygrub. Avid Home Cook. Cat Lover. I Don't Bite (Hard). Silly. Sarcastic. Fun!

  • 0__nwrbmt24akvygzs3-ifbrr2veccoxds3vg7brlplsnf38ovftmpdul-q6ghgihncbwaey_xvvc0?1310408502

    Christopher Mengel

    Serial Entrepreneur / Marketing Exec. that launches and grows companies and helps other entrepreneurs do the same. VP Marketing w- CXP, Founder at Razorwest.

  • Dave-1

    Dave Reynolds

    Software development professional focusing on web and mobile. Co-Founder of kiwiluv LLC and 7 Regent Lane Inc.

  • April_2011_cropped_compressed

    Rob Shedd

    VP of Product & Technology for Three Screen Games and Co-Founder of at Penn State

  • Photo

    David Speers

    I'm sooo color blind

  • E6b4b2a746ed40e1af829d1fa82daa10?d=retro&f=y&s=48

    Nick Berardi

  • 0_cv5yq4-qy2kmmbdzggziqstdps3v2qzzhrliqu1miez51k74apvkhrbb-ite71mn_jbcwp3ol6we?1310664191

    Matthew Smyth

    Product Manager at

  • Biz%20card%20photo%20small_gouache_2

    herb lau

    business builder, chessplayer, father, recent ADD self-discoverer, husband, real estate agent, weird combination of libertarian and Democrat, agnostician, career rebooter, semi-knowledgeable Philadelphian, quasi- intellectual

  • Face6

    Nick Bertolino

    Co-Founder of PipelineDeals, entrepreneur, avid runner, dog lover, tech gadget nerd, traveler.

  • James%20denmark%20cropped

    James Denmark

    Founder of myClin - an online community for clinical research that allows investigators, coordinators and sponsors to collaborate on clinical trials. @myclin Founder of The Redcoat Brewery - a pico-brewery in Washington Crossing, PA that makes craft beers in extremely small quantities to share with the friends of Indy Hall. @redcoatbrewery

  • 81e5f81db77c596492e6f1a5a792ed53?d=retro&f=y&s=48

    Gregg Golin

    20 years in Telecom, Retail, and Wholesale.

  • Paresh_sagar

    Paresh Sagar

    The author is the CEO of Excellent WebWorld, IoT, Web and Mobile App Development Company that helps startups and enterprises to enable mobility solution. He’s an avid blogger and writes on all the latest technology trends.