Philly Lambda

Hardcore technology group with a bent towards functional languages and emerging technologies.


  • Michael_jackson

    Toby DiPasquale

    So many startups, its hard to count. I'm your founding tech guy. Founded Philly Lambda and frequenter of breakfasts involving geekery.

  • 545449_186864201460106_1601570109_n

    Hector Castro

    Technical Evangelist at Basho.

  • Photo%20on%202011-01-16%20at%2020.49

    Trevor Menagh

    JavaScript Developer, Ruby on Rails Hacker, UNIX Addict, Mac User, Software Craftsmanship Devotee, Functional Programmer, Go Player, Choir Singer, Swing Dancer. Favorite cake: Applesause.

  • Tom_300x300

    Tom Panzarella

    Applied Computer Scientist and Entrepreneur

  • Img_1349

    Scott Fraser

    CTO / Founder of

  • Stoddart

    Daniel Nathan Stoddart

    Pythonista familiar with a wide range of pop culture references, xkcds, and robots.

  • Headshot

    Mike Reedell

    software developer in the philly 'burbs.

  • Twitter

    Steve Eichert

  • Img_7423

    Brian Donahue

    Founder of Philly ALT.NET, coder, aspiring entrepreneur, dad, musician when I can find the time.

  • 0_fjdmjjxvqbtxgq3tfswajychnanoalatsvjajy5vwqcvat63_rjcpoaqsx9zsgrsaoik-jcxq5ss?1311876237

    Joseph Dickinson

    Senior at Drexel, looking to network and meet driven and passionate entrepreneurs. In addition keeping my eye out for potential business partners. Read more about me:

  • Placido2-sq

    Mark Jason Dominus

    I am a programmer who likes to transport techniques between groups of programmers who don't talk to each other. I wrote a book, "Higher-Order Perl", in which I explained techniques from the Lisp and functional programming communities to Perl programmers.

  • Profile_pic

    Bonnie Aumann

    Firespinning, Agile project managing, card-carrying geek.