Philadelphia Chapter of the International Game Developers Association

IGDA Philadelphia is a non-profit/advocacy group for the video games industry in the Philadelphia area.


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    technologies, video games, communities, interwebz

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    jordan santell

    web & game developer, javascript javascript javascript

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    Matt Brenner

    Gameplay Programmer at AMI Entertainment, Chair of the Philly IGDA

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    Kotaro Fujita

    iOS Developer / 2D & 3D Digital Artist / Web Developer / Co-founder of Jobmuncher

  • Jennifer-rubinovitz

    Jennifer Rubinovitz

    Programmer, entrepreneur, AI and new media lover

  • Gob1

    Jake O'Brien

    Co-owner of Flyclops, programmer, game jammer.

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    Ben Shive

    Nuts about mobile. Currently drinking the iOS koolaid and building awesome apps.

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    Kevin Clough

    Kevin Clough has a passion for technology and has worked with multiple start ups and enterprise businesses in the greater Philadelphia area. He has worked in the areas of eCommerce, mobile development, desktop development, cloud computing, automated trading, financial modeling and reporting. Kevin believes that a well thought out user experience is the most paramount feature of any software solution.

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    David Stemmer

    ► Three years professional experience in mobile development ► Experience on multiple platforms, including Android, iOS/Cocoa, mobile web ► Skilled programmer with a strong background in object-oriented languages. Strengths in Java, Obj-C, Python and Javascript. ► Well-versed in team-based collaborative coding techniques (source control, agile methodologies, unit testing, code review) Writes well-oiled software with an emphasis on readability, modularity and testing. Contributor to and believer in open-source. Empasizes clear communication and practical solutions to hard problems.