PHASE: Philly Area Scala Enthusiasts

The Philly Area Scala Enthusiasts (PHASE) is a user group for people in the Philadelphia, PA, area who are interested in the Scala programming language. If you're interested in Scala, programming on the Java VM, or functional programming in general, feel free to join us.

Meeting Info

We try to meet monthly. Meeting details are on the Meetup site and are available via Technically Philly.


scala, JVM


  • 2011-05-09-2-cartoon-sq

    Brian M. Clapper

    Independent software consultant, President of ArdenTex Inc., Found of PHASE (Philly Area Scala Enthusiasts), and proud father of a smart young lady.

  • Profile-jmarcus

    Josh Marcus

    Software engineer at Azavea. Programmer for the forces of good. Current interests include social impact of tech, political economy, distributed & concurrent computing, GIS, scala. Past work includes CTO of Solutions for Progress, Obama 2008 data mgmt (PA) , philly indymedia.

  • Michael_jackson

    Toby DiPasquale

    So many startups, its hard to count. I'm your founding tech guy. Founded Philly Lambda and frequenter of breakfasts involving geekery.