Indy Hall

399 Market St, Suite 360

Independents Hall is a coworking space and community in Philadelphia. We are designers, developers, writers, artists, entrepreneurs, scientists, educators, small business owners, telecommuters, marketers, videographers, game developers, and more.

The common thread is this:
we all know that we're happier and more productive together than alone.




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    Linus Graybill


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    Natalie Nagele

    Working with the best team at @wildbit, raising a beautiful princess, and restoring an old Philadelphia home!

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    Johnny Bilotta

    Kissing bandit

  • Parrot

    Patrick Casady

    Mad scientist of code.

  • Pamieicon

    Pam Selle

    Professional nerd, amateur humorist, passionate herbivore (vegan), bicycle fan, and general techie. @pamasaur

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    James Falconi

    Musician turned composer, turned academic, turned anti-academic, turned independent - writing music for concerts halls, galleries, etc now looking to also compose music for video games, film, and multi-media. Working in Philly at Indy Hall (best coworking in the world) and a non-profit org for composers.

  • Jasonpipe

    Jason Tremblay

  • Gregtwitter

    Greg Berry

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    Lauren Ancona

    Went to school for music, ended up in design. Now my job is to be on the internet all day. I like lifting heavy things & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Also @OperaPhila

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    Chris Nagele

    Founder of @wildbit where we build apps like @postmarkapp @beanstalkapp @newsberry

  • New_me

    Mike Zornek

    When not coding Mac, iOS and Rails apps, Mike likes his Pokémon shiny, his milk chocolate and his inbox zero. Mike also helps run the local Philly CocoaHeads.

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    Keith Fitzgerald

    cto @peoplelinx. aspiring triathlete. favorite color is plaid. still a sucker for loud rock-n-roll.

  • Seanmartoranaportrait4150pxw

    Sean Martorana

    Visual artist. Designer by trade, artist by nature, painter by passion, collaborator by desire, creative by DNA. Live to Create. Create to Inspire.

  • Amy-silly

    Amy Hoy

    Interface radical. Small-time pirate queen. Leader of Slash7, designer of Freckle and Charm; ruthlessly sane teacher of entrepreneurship. Lover of adjectives. Repatriating from Vienna, Austria.

  • Thomas

    Thomas Fuchs

    Freckle Time Tracking: :: Webkit Mobile JS :: Micro JS

  • Dscf1149

    Alex Hillman

    Placemaker. Peoplewatcher. Honest. Fearless Leader @IndyHall. JFDI Master. also:

  • Raccoon

    dana vachon

    I love living and working in Philadelphia!

  • Img_6639_v_2

    alexis siemons

    founder of teaspoons & petals (tea writer, tea consultant, tea educator, haiku teaware line creator). freelance writer & creative business consultant (social media/marketing strategy). jazz is the soundtrack to my life and antique stores are my home away from home.

  • Lori-linkedin

    Lori Widelitz-Cavallucci

    Indie UX Designer, joie de vivre, observer of people, wife, mom, vff runner, yogini, vegetarian

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    Kimberly Blessing

    Web Developer and Standards Evangelist

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    Kotaro Fujita

    iOS Developer / 2D & 3D Digital Artist / Web Developer / Co-founder of Jobmuncher

  • Stoddart

    Daniel Nathan Stoddart

    Pythonista familiar with a wide range of pop culture references, xkcds, and robots.

  • Cliff_profile

    Cliff Stevens

    Founder/President of Lokadot, LLC -

  • Img_8560

    Geoff DiMasi

    Still excited (about P'unk Ave, Apostrophe, Indy Hall, my family and life in general).

  • N567676695_2060508_7819913


    technologies, video games, communities, interwebz

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    Todd McNeal

    A programmer of websites. Founder of Snapline, a personalization product for eCommerce retailers.

  • Pairing%20with%20doug

    Len Smith

    I make software with computers.

  • Howard_101107

    Howard Hall

    I work in Philly. I practice wordcraft

  • Portraitmarch

    Swabreen Bakr

    Freelance Graphic Designer and Photographer. Founder of a local blog for Philly, foodies and craft beer lovers. I cover events around the city and post photos of them in real time to tumblr and twitter.

  • Kale

    Patty Alman

    Web developer, information architect, writer.

  • 0_vtozjcl3w-h-ymn3bls6jhrhwcrjyek3croej3tgn-fdt2ptjnvjptzp5mugj75dnlhi-q0sczky

    Ed Hertzog

    UI Architect (Mobile/Web). Married, one daughter, two cats. Into fishing, vinyl records, history.

  • 0_t8jl9rjpq66qzd0x_fus9mylxb_4cumxigds9mu3rcbhhhm0dqddzj4fodifnw7p8_0rjooosus3?1310381507

    Brendan McCorkle

    I am very interested in Entrepreneurship. Currently working on my fourth start-up after the learning experience of the first three (Fourth Power Solutions, Textaurant, & Free Beer Co.) Recent graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Graduate program of Technology Management.

  • Sinelnikov_1389235463_07

    Denis Sinelnikov

    Online Marketing Consultant / Web Designer

  • Headshot

    Len Lipkin

    Philly husband, dad, sports fan, technologist, early adopter. Solution Designer for Comcast and founder of phillyschool (@findphilaschool). Tweeting as @l3n.

  • F17c1e60b91ef641a530a1a4c99dfb8c?1310666710

    Corey Floyd

    Developer, Scotch Drinker, Ambiturner.

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    David Speers

    I'm sooo color blind

  • Biz%20card%20photo%20small_gouache_2

    herb lau

    business builder, chessplayer, father, recent ADD self-discoverer, husband, real estate agent, weird combination of libertarian and Democrat, agnostician, career rebooter, semi-knowledgeable Philadelphian, quasi- intellectual

  • 0_fjdmjjxvqbtxgq3tfswajychnanoalatsvjajy5vwqcvat63_rjcpoaqsx9zsgrsaoik-jcxq5ss?1311876237

    Joseph Dickinson

    Senior at Drexel, looking to network and meet driven and passionate entrepreneurs. In addition keeping my eye out for potential business partners. Read more about me:

  • Jason-garber

    Jason Garber

    Freelance Ruby on Rails developer.

  • 10b-eric-steele-square

    Eric Steele

    I make things on the internet and like to put words together. Right now, I'm writing a book on Rails testing:

  • Gob1

    Jake O'Brien

    Co-owner of Flyclops, programmer, game jammer.

  • B&wjess

    Jessica Victor

    Freelance project manager; here to organize.

  • Brian_pic2

    Brian Glusman

    Entrepreneur, Rubyist, Fast-talker. Not as good at being social (media or otherwise) as he might prefer, but getting better most days!

  • James%20denmark%20cropped

    James Denmark

    Founder of myClin - an online community for clinical research that allows investigators, coordinators and sponsors to collaborate on clinical trials. @myclin Founder of The Redcoat Brewery - a pico-brewery in Washington Crossing, PA that makes craft beers in extremely small quantities to share with the friends of Indy Hall. @redcoatbrewery

  • 2012-12-25%20ruth%20portrait%20new%20haircut%20005%20crop

    Ruth Kalinka

    Design and Social Media Consultant Experienced content strategist, writer, and designer. Passionate about: • Beautiful and effective communications • Education • Language and culture • Food, wine, and travel Specialties: branding, communications, content strategy, writing, editing, web design, print design, business development, management, customer/client service, understanding of design and code

  • Chrisendyphoto-squareavatar

    Christopher D. Cera

    CTO at Arcweb

  • 69384_10150281586760251_7145406_n

    Dave Martorana

    Co-owner of the amazingly-cool game studio Flyclops, I spend most of my time worrying about the server architecture, API engineering and development, and where requested, lending a hand with app development.

  • Placido2-sq

    Mark Jason Dominus

    I am a programmer who likes to transport techniques between groups of programmers who don't talk to each other. I wrote a book, "Higher-Order Perl", in which I explained techniques from the Lisp and functional programming communities to Perl programmers.

  • 203372_5233430_7879609_n

    Corey Leigh Latislaw

    International speaker, Android maven, founder of the Android Alliance, mobile architect. Enjoying her sabbatical, but open to independent consulting projects or full-time opportunities in the city. Emmy® Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development Certificate recipient for work on the XfinityTV iPad app. Rated “Top Developer” for the XfinityTV Android app in the Google Play market with greater than one million app installs on multiple device configurations. Changing the way the world dates with the HowAboutWe application. Streaming music live for WXPN and informing Philadelphia Emerging Technology for the Enterprise attendees of the conference schedule.

  • Taj%20mahal-12

    Kara LaFleur

    Hello! My name is Kara and I’ve worked in Philadelphia’s Arts, Culture, and Social Change communities for nearly 10 years as an active member of the region’s growing tech movement. I believe strongly in the power and strength of people coming together for the greater good and continue to learn and grow through collaborations focused on community generated change.

  • 62829_591433949803_34206934_34537462_6210506_n

    Nick Eubanks

    VP at Traffic Safety Store, Founder of I'm From The Future.