Unconventional networking for unconventional women; DinnerGrrls know that career nirvana is an inside job but that inside jobs are sometimes team sports.

We connect interesting women over dinner to complete mini-volunteer projects uniquely designed to help us each

(1) Know ourselves better
(2) Understand what we love
(3) Figure out how to translate our bliss into a career
(4) Then actually achieve career nirvana

And stuff.

Meeting Info

Varies, but generally (a) involves dinner (b) involves low-key non-obnoxious awesome. 2012 dinner dates are Thursday, March 22, Thursday May 3, Tuesday September 18th, and Thursday December 13th.


  • _mg_4680

    Melissa Alam

    Social Media Specialist with a love for all things digital. I also enjoy playing soccer, hanging out with fellow creatives, learning new languages, and losing hours at a time on Pinterest. :)