Wharton Computing

3733 Spruce Street, Suite 102, Philadelphia, PA 19104

Wharton Computing is responsible for the technology driving connected learning across the School – advancing the rigorous research and learning required to generate new business knowledge and understanding.

The Team

  • Twitbunny

    Scott McNulty

    I've written 5 tech books (I'm as shocked as you are), all from my apartment in Center City. By day I work at Wharton, by night I solve crime.* *"Solve crime" in this context means "eats ice cream while watching Murder, She Wrote on Netflix."

  • 3397001688_476dda15d6_o

    Brian Flad

    Music, photography, travel, and technology are my life.

  • Drinkingtea

    Lew Goettner

    When I get tired, I sleep. When I get hungry, I eat. When I have to go, you know, I go.