Embodying the indomitable spirit of our Viking namesake, RedMaiden*, is a creative communications company that designs, creates and produces content with a sense of connective-ness and a strong narrative voice.
RedMaiden operates on a creative consortium model. Utilizing an innovative system of co-working, RedMaiden is able to scale up or down to fit a clients needs, creating a unique, custom blended group of collaborative creative professionals, talented artists, crafts people, and companies assembled on a per project basis, right-sized to your budget and objectives. This system enables us to develop distinct creative concepts, production methodologies, and marketing and branding strategies that enhance the work we produce. We believe this approach and our multidiscipline experience is the perfect antidote in today’s market.
*RedMaiden is a WBE Certified, 100 percent woman-owned, environmentally conscious business practice.

The Team

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    Palmer Enfield

    Director-Producer, social media enthusiast, voracious reader. I love hot and spicy food, cats, traveling, good design . . .