Red Tettemer O'Connell + Partners

1 S. Broad, 24th Floor, Philadelphia, PA

Giddy up.


Ruby, Rails, Javascript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, sass

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Center City

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The Team

  • Grrrando

    Aaron Grando

    Lord of Internet at Red Tettemer + Partners. Co-founder and Designer at What Say Co. Ass-kicker. Everyone ♥er.

  • N6108347_34307157_6530

    Stephen Hurwitz

    Web developer who is too lazy to start a blog.

  • Photoeyeroll

    Annie Heckenberger

    Lead social and PR practices at indie creative agency Red Tettemer + Partners. Overtweeter. Pop Culture enthusiast. Music obsessed. Sports fan. Daydreamer. Magic maker.

  • Dscf2562


    Chocolate. Tacos. Chocotacos.

  • Olah

    Ryan Olah

    Social Media & PR for Red Tettemer + Partners / Event Planner for Auntie Anne's

  • 02cdac4

    Brian DeLong

    IT Manager at Red Tettemer

  • Jp2

    Jackie Caruso Phy

  • Twitterprofilephoto

    Cate Mahoney

  • Dsc03565e

    Joseph Russell

    Software engineer in love with cities, street art, technology, and all the intersections thereof. Currently looking to get hired by an awesome Philly company.