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We provide services for businesses that need Software Quality Assurance. Contact Us at

Our services extend to companies who are looking for support on projects, long-term contracts, or restructuring (for new companies or those wanting to find better QA practices).

Here are some of the services provided.

•Form Test Plans & Test Cases with or without Business Requirements
•Requirements: Reading, Review, & Modifications
•Test Automation (when necessary)
•Regression Development: Creation of suites and testing*
•Release Management
•Bug/Defect Tracking
•Testing Estimates: Level 0
•Escalation Resolution
•Able to Integrate with existing staff
•Document Management (Regression, Test Cases, Estimates, Requirements, Status Reports Diagrams, etc.)
•Metrics Development
•Change Control Management: Meetings involving defects, enhancements, and change requests.

*Regression Development is a necessary process especially if your software is always changing. It is used to test the existing functional and non-functional aspects of your system before new patches or enhancements are added.

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