LivIT, a Zivtech Company, is dedicated to using Open Source Software (OSS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS/Cloud) to dramatically improve the cost and effectiveness of Healthcare Information Technology (HIT). LivIT's initial product offerings are a LivIT RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring) and LivIT PHM (Population Health Management). Liv IT also offers OSS consulting (Drupal, Node.js, etc), hosting, and support via Zivtech.

For LivIT RPM we connect with wireless and bluetooth enabled devices in a patient’s home, we then monitor the data for abnormal/unhealthy measurements as well as non-compliance with defined treatments via LivIT PHM. We believe that there are immediate opportunities for this type of software in both the post-acute care space—where hospitals recently started getting punished by Medicare for high readmission rates—as well as by enabling remote patient-centered care services (to Medicare and Medicaid patients).


Drupal, redis, node.js



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