Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce

200 S. Broad Street, Suite 700, Philadelphia, PA 19102

The Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce (GPCC) is the premier advocate of the region’s business community, representing members in 11 counties across three states with one voice.

Chamber Mission:

The Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to promoting regional economic growth, advancing business-friendly public policies, and servicing our members through outstanding programs, benefits and services.

As an advocate for regional development, the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to supporting and encouraging the continued growth of each of our approximately 5,000 member companies together with the regional business community. The Chamber strives to influence business-friendly legislation in all levels of government, participate in initiatives to improve education and the community, present professional enrichment programs, and provide our members with cost-efficient ways to run their businesses.

The Chamber motto is Get involved. Get results. Through this member-focused Web site, you can discover what you need and where you need to go, who to call, and ultimately why becoming a member of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce is one of the best strategies for growing your business.


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    Drew Kondylas

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