Cross X Platform (CXP)

2570 Boulevard of the Generals, Suite X, Audubon, PA 19403

Cross X Platform (CXP) delivers the power of acceleration and scale into the small professional services business. Through a strategic, "co-venture" partnership with CXP, and by joining forces with other complimentary, top-tier professional services firms inside a shared services platform, entrepreneurs and business executives can see dramatic improvements in performance and value of their own services business. With aligned interests, owners are able to share in any business growth through a tax-free equity swap and reduce some of the risks associated with building their own business alone.

With CXP, and as part of the shared services platform, owner/operators get a dashboard of cloud-based technology and an efficient back office spanning business development, sales management, recruiting support, marketing and business operations support, accounting, cash management, IT, and HR - all to reduce the mutual redundancies of member G&A and/or overhead, and to create efficiencies and a collaborative environment to produce optimal revenue and margins. Partner companies also get plugged into a CEO Network designed to improve collaboration and value between partner firms, get access into capital funding, and can leverage all the latest technologies in their business.

Together, and by bundling each company's capabilities across business functions, we are all able to successfully compete, scale, and deliver a broad set of integrated professional services - including Software Development, Engineering, Recruiting Services, Accounting and IT Management - to mid-size and large organizations, and Fortune 500 companies.

The Team

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    Christopher Mengel

    Serial Entrepreneur / Marketing Exec. that launches and grows companies and helps other entrepreneurs do the same. VP Marketing w- CXP, Founder at Razorwest.