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The Team

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    Lauren Galanter

    Video Specialist at Comcast Interactive Media, nerd

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    Michael Bevilacqua-Linn

    10 fingers. 10 toes.

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    Mike Ball

    Web Developer & Designer. Favorite cake: classic chocolate.

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    Karl Martino

    I work here (programmer at Comcast Interactive Media), I live here (a seeker of craft, bridge building, communications, community service, drink, food, guitars, and songwriting), my roots are here (I've lived in many, many Philadelphia neighborhoods), and my world is here (I'm a husband, and a father). Philly has given me so much. I can't help but believe in the power of people and places to evolve, and grow, and the power of community and connecting one another.

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    Tom Barker

    Senior Manager of Web Development at Comcast, Adjunct Professor at Philadelphia University, Author at APress

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    Trevor Menagh

    JavaScript Developer, Ruby on Rails Hacker, UNIX Addict, Mac User, Software Craftsmanship Devotee, Functional Programmer, Go Player, Choir Singer, Swing Dancer. Favorite cake: Applesause.

  • Lana

    Lana Soboleva

    Sr. Technical Project Manager, Advanced Applications Engineering, Comcast Interactive Media

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    Brianna Roberts

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    Brian Michel

    An iOS/Ruby/Anything developer that likes coffee, bikes, art and science.

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    Kimberly Blessing

    Web Developer and Standards Evangelist

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    Daniel Freiman

    Web Developer at Comcast Interactive Media / graduate of the UPenn Executive Master's in Technology Management program.

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    Corey Leigh Latislaw

    International speaker, Android maven, founder of the Android Alliance, mobile architect. Enjoying her sabbatical, but open to independent consulting projects or full-time opportunities in the city. Emmy® Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development Certificate recipient for work on the XfinityTV iPad app. Rated “Top Developer” for the XfinityTV Android app in the Google Play market with greater than one million app installs on multiple device configurations. Changing the way the world dates with the HowAboutWe application. Streaming music live for WXPN and informing Philadelphia Emerging Technology for the Enterprise attendees of the conference schedule.

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    maurice gaston

    Software developer, filmmaker, social engineer, @barcampphilly organizer, and Philly Lifer. Currently working with a like-minded group of awesome folks in the "mad scientist's lab" that is CIM. Film projects currently include DunkDonutsWithDave & @DevPhilly.