1315 Walnut Street, Philadelphia PA, 19107

CloudMine is a data mobility company focused on blending public cloud with private data to accelerate the next generation of enterprise mobility. We provide the tools for creative technologists to craft intuitive and data driven mobile experiences. Ask us about how we enable HIPAA compliant mobile applications!

Through the use of CloudMine's Mobile Gateway, enterprises gain the ability to easily update and optimize existing data sources for a mobile-first world while empowering development teams to rapidly deploy production-ready mobile apps with existing corporate data. CloudMine unlocks legacy data and makes it available for mobile consumption by sitting between corporate back-office systems and the wider mobile internet, securely shuttling data between them in a mobile-optimized manner.


Ruby on Rails, AWS, NodeJS, iOS, Android

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North Philadelphia

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    Marc Weil

    Moved to Philly in May 2010 to work at Oracle. Has since left and is currently a software engineer at RJMetrics until DreamIt Fall kicks off. When that happens, the hat switches full time to co-founder of CloudMine. Many years of iOS and Ruby on Rails development experience with some J2EE thrown in there. Very interested in Scala, JRuby, and other alternative JVM languages as well as API design.

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    Brendan McCorkle

    I am very interested in Entrepreneurship. Currently working on my fourth start-up after the learning experience of the first three (Fourth Power Solutions, Textaurant, & Free Beer Co.) Recent graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Graduate program of Technology Management.

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    Ilya Braude

    Developing real-time collaboration tools for the web and mobile. Kicking it Shotokan style in my off time.

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    David Speers

    I'm sooo color blind


    Mike Tannenbaum

    Powered by curiosity. Perplexed by serendipity. Learning by doing. On a mission to create cool shit & construct a better world. Insightful. Mindful. Evolving. In love with Philadelphia and all the creative energy it has to offer.