ChatterBlast Media

ChatterBlast Media is an online strategy and social media marketing company. We are a team of media enthusiasts with backgrounds in business development, strategy, marketing, media/public relations and communications. We help organizations of all types create and execute social media strategies.

The Team

  • Principalsevannew2

    Evan Urbania

    ChatterBlast co-founder, entrepreneur, social media geek, photographer, foodie, problem solver, pest

  • Carebears

    Matthew Ray

    Co-Founder and Principal of ChatterBlast Media. Communications enthusiast. Out-of-the-box-thinker. Ice cream lover. Comic book geek. Raccoon pal.

  • 049f48fb7b2de82c1ee187bca853d439

    Lou Perseghin

    Client Services Manager @ ChatterBlast Media. My focus is on strategy and voice development for brands and businesses. I have a better memory for faces than you. I believe in the internet.